Down to Earth provides a range of professional tree health care services to compliment our tree surveys and consultancy division. Working in conjunction with Hansatech Instruments, world leaders in the manufacture of scientific instrumentation used globally in both plant and biomedical scientific research programs for over 40 years, we are able to offer a pioneering diagnostic tool which can detect early signs of stress in trees to facilitate prudent preventative management.




"What if I want to ensure my tree is healthy?"

There are many factors that can cause stress to trees; poor soil, nutrient deficiency, drought, pests and diseases; these can manifest as visible symptoms such as small, sparse leaves or dieback. But what if we were able to detect stress levels long before they became visible, thereby allowing us to intervene sooner and remedy the problem before it gets worse?

Down To Earth can carry out tree vitality monitoring and stress detection on any number of trees using state-of-the-art Chlorophyll Fluorescence testing equipment. Testing allows us to compare the gathered data to a strong baseline of thousands of trees of the same species and detect very small deficiencies in vitality. Where appropriate, we can recommend and implement treatment methods to improve and maintain good tree health. Repeat testing can also be used to confirm how effectively a treatment is working.

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Simple, non-invasive, non-destructive measurements of leaf chlorophyll fluorescence and chlorophyll content

Arborcheck employs research techniques that are used widely by scientists all over the world as a means of detecting physiological damage caused by biotic or abiotic stress factors.

Pre-visual detection of many forms of biotic and abiotic stress factors

Photosynthesis can be inhibited by different stress factors in a variety of ways. Issues such as drought and nutrient deficiency starve the tree of raw materials required for photosynthetic processes to occur whilst stress caused by herbicide damage can physically break down the structures within the leaf itself.

Results compared to extensive species-specific Database of Benchmark Values

The real power of Arborcheck lies in its ability to analyse recorded data from a particular tree against a species-specific Database of Benchmark Values (DBV). The DBV contains optimum chlorophyll fluorescence and chlorophyll content data for over 275 individual species/cultivars collected over a seven year period and revised annually as new data is collected.

Wide variety of applications

Arborcheck has a wide range of applications including informing biosecurity programmes, selection of planting stock, routine testing of planted stock, routine testing of trees pre- and post-development and regular assessment of physiological health as part of management regimes.

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Areas we cover

We cover most of the South East including Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London and Essex.