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An often overlooked but rewarding and satisfying aspect of our work. We are able to advise on all aspects of planting – from entire woodlands to single trees.



When considering planting a new tree, groups of trees or shrubs we would recommend that the following points be carefully considered:

SUITABILITY: Will the tree “look right”? Often an exotic species in a rural situation will look out of place; while on the other hand a native tree in a very formal garden will look equally odd.

SOIL: Will the chosen tree or shrub grow in the soil you intend to plant it in? Many shrubs do not tolerate highly alkaline soils (such as chalk).

SIZE: When fully grown will the tree or shrub “fit the space”.

LIGHT/NUISANCE: Is the tree likely to block out a view or light in future years or could it overhang (and thus be a nuisance) to a neighbour?

MAINTENANCE & AFTERCARE: Trees need watering! Many fail if not watered or left untended. Do not plant in grass sward and ensure grass is not allowed to grow up to the tree (keep at least 0.5m radius clear of all grass). An application of slow-release fertiliser and/or mulch in the spring will help a new tree on its way.

COST: Planting larger specimens has the advantage of instance impact and scale but the disadvantages of higher cost, aftercare and risk of failure; whereas a smaller specimen is cheaper, requires less maintenance and is more likely to succeed – plan accordingly!

At Down To Earth Trees, we believe trees are the most striking living features of any urban environment. But they require proper planning, care and maintenance to ensure they are a safe addition to your garden or property.


For further enquiries regarding tree planting or any tree-related matters, feel free to talk to one of our experts. We’d be happy to assist.


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