Aerial Tree Inspections 

As part of our consultancy services we provide Aerial Tree Inspection (ATI), this is an advanced method of tree assessment and is carried out by our consultants who are fully qualified to carry out climbing assessments having previously worked as tree surgeons with extensive knowledge on the working dynamics and individual characteristics of each tree species, this ensures clear and concise recommendations are made on the future management of your trees.


This form of inspection is generally undertaken on mature or veteran trees where characteristics which can create a safety issue are more common. An initial ground based visual inspection will be carried out by one of our arborists or consultants, if this inspection highlights a defect such as a large wound, cavity, splits or decay fungi a more detailed inspection can be carried out by means of an aerial tree inspection resulting in an adequate assessment of the tree condition and specific work recommendation.

The recommendations will help to bring trees to an acceptable level of safety whilst fulfilling a client’s ‘duty of care’ or confirm that the area of inspection is sufficient and requires no further work at this stage meaning unnecessary preventative works do not need to be carried out.


Our team of consulting arborists can deliver:

  - Unparalleled arboricultural knowledge and expertise on the identification of tree related defects

 - Clear interpretation of the tree related defects identified and presented within a written report

 - Detailed investigations using/recommending the latest decay detection technology where applicable

 - Remedial measures required post-inspection    

Tree report Kent
Tree report London
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Areas we cover

We cover most of the South East including Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London and Essex.