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The client appointed us to assist in obtaining planning permission to build a side and rear extension on their home. The property was within a Conservation area and understandably the local planning authority was keen to preserve local character.

The huge root plate of one of the mature Poplar trees

The huge root plate of one of the mature Poplar trees

A good quality Arbutus (Strawberry tree) was adjacent to the boundary fence in a neighbouring garden, and a significant overlap meant that its Root Protection Area (RPA) had the potential to be adversely affected by the proposed foundation.


Due to the presence of a hard surface installed years ago forming an unfavourable rooting area, our surveyor was confident there was likely to be no significant roots in the area where the footings were proposed, despite being metres within the RPA!

A trial excavation was put forward. It was later accepted by the Council and following a careful hand-digging exercise it was revealed that no significant woody roots were present, allowing the development to proceed without significant detriment to the health and long term vitality of the tree. Site supervision is ongoing during the build to ensure that any foreseeable impacts are managed and mitigated to preserve the much loved garden tree in the long term.

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Trial pit investigations

Trial pit investigations


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