Tree surgeons in Crowborough


Trees are an essential part of the UK’s urban planning. They provide a balance to urban living with the much-needed feeling of relaxation, while filtering smoke, pollution and carbon dioxide.

Down to Earth Trees understands the importance of urban trees in Crowborough; it is for this reason we are committed to taking care of trees and making sure they are a safe feature in the local landscape. We help ensure that any tree-related job carried out is not disruptive to other trees, to the people and to the environment.

Our team of tree surgeons specialise in a range of tree management services, including the following:

Stump grinding and removal – Our team of arborists provide professional stump grinding and removal services to prevent accidents and potential obstruction of landscaping and construction projects.                     

Hedge maintenance – Since different species of hedge plants grow at different times, Down to Earth Trees knows the best time for hedge maintenance. Additionally, we make sure to avoid the bird nesting seasons between mid-February to mid-August so as not to harm any creatures.

Noxious and Invasive Weed Control – Down to Earth Trees provides weed control and removal services in Crowborough. For each type of weed and for each different site, we use modified approaches from the initial stage to the proper disposal of the dead plants.

Aerial Tree Inspections – For aerial tree inspections, we use an advanced tree assessment method, especially for mature trees where care and safety is required. We check for large wounds, cavities, splits or fungal decay. Based on the findings of the inspection, we write up recommendations to bring the trees back to healthy levels.

Down to Earth Trees has been serving Crowborough and other parts of Kent and London for over 35 years. As trusted surgeons, we keep clients informed at every step of the process as we work closer to restoring the trees back to good health.



Areas we cover

We cover most of the South East including Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London and Essex.