Tree surgeons in Erith


IMaintain a pleasant environment, keep the air fresh in your private or commercial property, prevent accidents because of falling dead branches and improve backwater drainage by consulting with our tree surgeons in Erith.

We are a certified Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor capable of managing trees and nursing them back to health through practices that meet high industry standards.


Nurture the Trees that Keep on Giving

Keeping trees healthy is an obligation to the environment and future generations. Our sons and daughters deserve to experience a world made more beautiful and safer by healthy trees and vegetation. You don’t need to wait for decades to experience the benefits of being surrounded by healthy trees, either. Nurture them today, and you’ll reap many rewards:

  • Heightens the appeal of land and real estate

  • Improves air and soil quality

  • Enhances soil absorption and facilitates proper drainage

  • Promotes walkability in your area

  • Provide food and protection for local and migrant birds

Our seasoned arborists help in every stage of tree management, from tree planting to preventive maintenance measures that help trees defend themselves from pests and diseases. Our services are especially useful in urban locations where the need for new developments often overshadows the need to care for trees.

Trees and concrete infrastructure can exist in harmony, and we are the professionals who can prove it.

Professional Tree Surgery in South East London

Trees are our concern, but your welfare is also our priority. We do our best to keep the disruption to your property and everyday operations to a bare minimum. Our crew comes in, cares for your trees (and hedges and soil, if you want) and leaves with no clutter left behind.

We also offer a 24-hour emergency service for trees that need urgent attention. Call us when towering old trees show signs of crumbling and damaging your property underneath. Our skilled crew has the experience and equipment (including crane trucks) to fell trees, haul heavy trunks or do other tasks that are just as physically demanding and dangerous.

Your safety is paramount, so don’t delay in calling Down to Earth Trees for emergencies.

Whether your goals are aesthetic or practical, our arboricultural services give you plenty of advantages. Call our tree surgeons in Erith for a consultation.




Areas we cover

We cover most of the South East including Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London and Essex.