Football Pitch Drainage Installation

Heavy rain has seen a number of local games cancelled due to waterlogged pitches. This is because the drainage system that has been installed might not be adequate or suitable for the pitch, causing water to build up on the surface. Sport turfs such as football pitches need proper drainage to ensure that the field is in quality condition for players to be able to play and train.

Aside from expert tree maintenance services, Down to Earth Trees also offers cost-effective solutions in dealing with water-logged pitches. Our team of rooting environment specialists deal with the effects of compacted soil that cause root suffocation and decrease water permeability.


Prepare today, play tomorrow

Macro pores generally allow movement of air and the drainage of water. When macro pores are reduced in size by compaction, there will be deterioration in the pitch’s playability and resistance to wear. Compaction is easily caused by football players exerting constant pressure on the ground. Occasionally, soil can withstand this but it doesn't take much to cause damage, particularly during wet weather periods.

Down to Earth Trees offers specialist football pitch drainage services using the latest machinery and equipment. We use the Vogt Geotech Injector that effectively loosens compacted soil and administers granular or liquid biostimulants such as phosphites, chitin and Biochar directly into the root systems. This combined approach provides vital nutrients to the soil, improving their structure and water retention. Your field will thrive and remain playable, even in periods of wet weather.

Why choose Down to Earth Trees?

As the most trusted arboricultural contracting company in Kent, Down to Earth Trees has decades of experience when it comes to compacted soil management. Utilising in-house equipment and quality materials, our team of professionals provides cost-effective solutions to football pitch drainage problems.

Known for our outstanding customer care, we’ll listen to your needs and work closely with you in every step of the process. Contact us today to ensure an enjoyable football season.


Areas we cover

We cover most of the South East including Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London and Essex.