Improving Golf Course Drainages through Terrain Decompaction

Prevent your golf course from turning into a muddy, waterlogged field by solving one of the main culprits of a failed golf course drainage system: compacted soil.


The Problem with Compaction

Compacted soil is a dense, hard layer in the ground that forms thanks to regular foot and vehicular traffic. It lies just 6-24 inches below the ground surface, blocking water from draining away. If left alone, the topsoil becomes perpetually moist during the rainy season. The puddles that form kill the turf and make the terrain muddy.

Such conditions make for poor playing experience, and that’s something your customers will not want to pay for.

You’ll find more success in running your golf course if the terrain is always in excellent condition for playing. Otherwise, its use will be seasonal, and you’ll lose customers to competitors whose better-functioning drainage systems makes for a reliable and consistently playable terrain.

Working Golf Course Drainage Keeps the Golfers Coming

Proper drainage is the key to keeping your turf nice, safe and playable for the better part of the year. Engineered drainage systems comprising polyethylene or propylene pipes buried in shallow trenches is standard practice in athletic fields. They are normally efficient in maintaining field quality. However, soil surface that’s frequently exposed to foot traffic is prone to compaction, which could hinder rainwater from flowing naturally to the engineered drainage systems.

Down to Earth Trees offers a solution to improve the efficiency of your drainage system while keeping the interruption to your business operations to a bare minimum: soil decompaction.

Soil Amelioration and Decompaction

We use the Vogt Geotech Injector to dig deep into the compacted layer of soil and release highly pressurised air to aerate the ground. We can follow it up with an injection of granular fertilisers or liquid biostimulants for full effect:

  • Drain waterlogged soil

  • Stimulate root growth for the grass

  • Improve the soil’s moisture retention

  • Speed up drying

  • Reduce compaction and the likelihood of re-compaction

With our service, you can provide high-quality turf and an overall safer golf course to your customers, along with the promise of consistency in ground playing conditions.

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Areas we cover

We cover most of the South East including Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London and Essex.