Tree surgeons in KNOCKHOLT


If the trees in your back garden or premises require the help of a professional to keep them healthy all year round, then the tree surgeons at Down to Earth Trees Ltd are the people for the job. Our team consists of well-trained tree surgeons serving Knockholt. For over 35 years, we have been a recognised provider of professional tree management services around Kent.

We provide a complete range of arboriculture services, designed to keep trees of all ages free from disease and environmental damage. You can entrust your prized trees into the hands of our capable and highly experienced team.

Professional Tree Maintenance Services in knockholt

Down to Earth Trees Ltd has been offering tree surgery services for many years, and we understand that each species, issue, and project requires a different approach. Having served thousands of clients throughout Kent, we have confidence in the quality of the services we provide.

Knockholt, a small village in Kent, on the border of Greater London, has a rich history. Like many other areas of Kent, it is an agricultural area and also home to extensive areas of woodland with a wide variety of tree species.  Many home-owners also have extensive areas of garden. Whilst the proximity to nature is certainly a benefit for the residents of Knockholt, it also imposes a responsibility to look after the trees in the area. 

Branches growing on ancient trees require regular trimming and pruning to keep the tree healthy. Some types of trees are particularly prone to pest infestations and diseases and so their condition must be regularly checked to ensure they stay in perfect health.

This is where Down to Earth Trees Ltd comes in. Our professional team consists of experienced surveyors and tree surgeons who are well equipped to identify and address possible problems before it is too late. We offer pruning, hedging, felling and tree healthcare services, among others.

The trusted name in tree health care

Our comprehensive range of services makes us Kent’s trusted name in tree healthcare. Whatever services your property requires, Down to Earth Trees Ltd will provide them for you. If you need a team of competent tree surgeons in Knockholt, call Down to Earth Trees Ltd today.


Areas we cover

We cover most of the South East including Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London and Essex.