Tree surgeons in Tunbridge Wells


Our clients trust Down to Earth Trees Ltd to bring them unmatched tree maintenance services. Having worked in various areas in South East England, we have served different a wide range of clients, both private and commercial, taking our commitment to caring for trees wherever we go.

Down to Earth Trees Ltd are tree care professionals ready to meet your needs and requirements. Our team of tree surgeons in Tunbridge Wells is the group you can rely on for diagnosis of tree disease, pruning, felling and other undertakings. After each job, you can expect great results that enhance your property and its immediate surroundings.

Your Tree Care Team in Tunbridge Wells

The Kentish town of Royal Tunbridge Wells, often shortened to Tunbridge Wells, is popular among those looking for a picture-perfect destination.  The town’s affluent neighbourhoods are designed to attract visitors, and Tunbridge Wells has welcomed thousands of visitors every year for centuries since it became a spa town in the 18th century.  It is now more of a commercial hub with popular shopping centres as well as a focal point for those attracted to its natural and cultural attractions.

What would these areas be without the beautiful trees that are found throughout the town? As a leading provider of tree maintenance services in Tunbridge Wells, Down to Earth Trees Ltd is proud to take ensure they all keep their beauty.  Down to Earth Trees Ltd takes great care in planning and completing each job. Whether it is a simple trimming task, or a highly meticulous cable bracing job that to strengthen the structure of a tree, we accomplish any task with ease.

Our team cares for the trees and ensures your comfort and convenience in the process. We stay in close contact with our clients, regularly updating them about the job. In addition, we offer a range of services for one-off jobs or for regular jobs that are contracted for a longer period.  This flexible approach minimises costs and inconvenience for our clients and allows them to choose the level of service that they need.

The Tree Surgeons to Call in Tunbridge Wells

Here at Down to Earth Trees Ltd, we care for trees and those who care for them. We prioritise your convenience and perform each job with minimal disruption to your schedule and routine. We also offer impartial advice on what services your tree requires and carry them out carefully to avoid extending appointment schedules.

We care for trees, and we care for you. Call our experienced tree surgeons in Tonbridge and let us know how we can help you.


Areas we cover

We cover most of the South East including Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London and Essex.