Tree surgeons in East Grinstead


Here at Down to Earth we pride ourselves on our expertise with trees. We are dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment. Our tree surgeons in East Grinstead provide an all-encompassing range of services to care for trees not only in the area but also across the UK.

the challenge

Trees in residential and commercial properties require the proper care to sustain their role as part of the area’s natural landscape. Whether you need to conserve your tree from extreme weather conditions or remedy unstable tree growth, you can depend on us to get things done.

Certified professionals

Down to Earth Trees remains one of the longest established companies in the country to earn the prestigious Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor certification. Our team of tree surgeons have over 30 years of knowledge and experience in providing tree care services.

high quality services

We know that there is no shortcut when it comes to restoring the environment, but we can take steps to maintain and sustain its beauty and health. We provide a comprehensive range of services from management to consultancy to meet your requirements.

The team of tree surgeons at Down to Earth Trees are exceptionally skilled in providing the following tree maintenance services:

Tree Management

For every job we undertake, we exercise the safest arboriculture practices and the latest industry guidelines to produce the best results.

stepping up to the challenge

We execute our work as efficiently as possible to minimise the disturbance on your property. We initiate open communication with our clients to create a solution that meets all of their requirements. When you work with you us, you can rest easy knowing that your trees, landscape and property are in the hands of trusted tree surgeons in East Grinstead.

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Areas we cover

We cover most of the South East including Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London and Essex.