Tree surgeons in Gravesend


At Down to Earth Trees Ltd, we have a team of skilled, experienced and passionate tree surgeons in Gravesend. Over the years, we have worked with a number to clients to help protect and preserve trees across the UK. Through bespoke and expert tree care methods, we make sure that your natural surroundings are cared for.

Protect Your Property and Your Loved Ones

A tree maintenance plan consists of creating more light and space in your area as well as addressing dangerous stumps that get in the way. Although it might be tempting to deal with the maintenance on your own, you can end up spending more money from further damage.

Minimise safety risks and leave the work to the professionals. As arborists, we help you keep your trees healthy and the surroundings clean. We tidy up fallen branches, dismantle diseased stumps and apply treatment to infected trees. We provide all the tree maintenance services you need to ensure the safety of you and those around you.

Stepping Up to the Challenge

For every job we undertake, we work according to the safest arboriculture practices and the most stringent industry guidelines to deliver outstanding results.

Our range of tree care services include:

Entrust Your Tree Care to Us

Our team has built an excellent reputation in tree maintenance across the UK. We have travelled to different towns and cities, making sure we get the job done right wherever we may be.

Your needs are our priority. We know that there is no shortcut to restoring the environment and we customise our services to suit your requirements.

Preserve the health of your trees and set an appointment with us. Send us an email at or call us on 01959 524 623 today.


Areas we cover

We cover most of the South East including Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London and Essex.